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Counsellor and DBT skills trainer

With 13 years of experience he eats, breaths and loves DBT and don’t get him started on validation. Jonathan has a BA degree in psychological counselling and is studying towards his masters.
Regarding his DBT therapy, he offers individual dialectical behaviour therapy(DBT for young adults, adults and persons that have been diagnosed with BPD; a DBT skills groups, STEP-UPP® for teens (13-18 years old.) and tweens (9-12) and he follows the Rathus and Miller skills training as well as Dr. Marsha Lineman programme. Rathus and Miller infused their version of DBT with original, creative, and developmentally appropriate elements. Dr. Alec Miller, Dr. Jill Raghu’s, and Dr. Marsha Lineman developed DBT for young adults and adults. This evidence-based approach is the gold standard of treatment for individuals suffering from emotion, identity confusion, interpersonal difficulties, impulsivity, risky behaviours, and young adult-parent conflict. Among its interventions, DBT places strong emphasis on acceptance and validation. He also co-facilitates the BPD support group, Step-upp group, Parent support group and the DBT outpatient programme for adults.
BA (HSS) (Psych) (UNISA)
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Occupational Therapist and Facilitator for TEENS STEP-UPP

Caryn is a UCT graduate with an Honours in occupational therapy. She has five years experience in group therapy. Caryn completed her community service at a mental health hospital in Cape Town where she found her passion for group work. She also did group therapy in Pietermaritzburg for two years with particular focus on social skills training and anxiety management skills.
Caryn has worked alongside Mark and Jonathan at Akeso Kenilworth clinic where her interest in DBT grew as she witnessed the positive impact of these skills. Caryn has an easy going approach to facilitation and structure the interactive, activity-based sessions to be inclusive of all and to meet the unique needs of the members.

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Laeni has always had a passion for children and their well being. A strong believer in open communication, when dealing with both adults and children, she believes when the basics are impaired, it usually leads to misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

Laeni regards The Step-Upp Tweens programme as instrumental in equipping children with essential tools to deal with conflict and change, early in life so they grow up to be resilient, happy and successful adults.

Being a mother herself, Laeni understands the importance of skills-based training for children; particularly when faced with the ever changing environment in which they are growing up, such as new technology and social media.

Laeni is co-creator of the Step-Upp Tweens programme. She is confident that the skills children gain will be invaluable to successfully navigating life’s challenges.

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