DBT Facilitator – TEENS STEP-UPP

Christiane obtained her Bachelor of arts Honours in Psychology degree, with distinction, from Varsity College. Her Counselling journey began at The Family Counselling Centre, when she joined the counselling apprenticeship program; this program created a bridge, connecting the theory taught in university with the real world. On the completion of this apprenticeship, Christiane joined The Family Counselling Centre team as a practicing counsellor in 2021. It was here that she found her passion to encourage the development of personal insight for her clients, and to provide them with the tools necessary to assist them on their journey.

This passion to encourage the development of personal insight for her clients has inspired Christiane to utilise holistic approaches towards her clients’ unique needs and has in turn, inspired her to enrol in many courses and training programs in her search to provide unique and client tailored approaches in her work as a mental health care practitioner

The knowledge, skills and experiences Christiane has gained during her psychological studies and ventures has shaped and enabled her to view the world differently, to utilise her strengths in innovative and creative ways, and has provided her with the power of understanding and an empathy for adversity.

Christiane truly feels that she has been called to this field due to the experiences she has had and her desire to help others.